Airport in Venice italy map

Airport Venice italy map. Airport in Venice italy map (Italy) to print. Airport in Venice italy map (Italy) to download. Venice is served by the Marco Polo International Airport, or Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo, named in honor of its famous citizen. The airport is on the mainland and was rebuilt away from the coast as its shown in airport in Venice italy map. From the Venice airport, it is possible to reach by public transport. Venezia Lido, a public airport suitable for smaller aircraft, is found on the NE end of Lido di Venezia. It has a 1000-metre grass runway.

Airport Venice italy map

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Flying to Marco Polo Airport is more scenic, as planes generally descend over the Venetian lagoon, with splendid views of Venice as its mentioned in airport in Venice italy map. The routes to both Venice and Treviso cross the Alps, which are only a short distance from the Veneto art cities. As well as mountain views, there are sometimes views of the northern end of Lake Garda - if you are keen on aerial views, carry a little map of this part of Italy.
Venice has one official international airport on the shores of the lagoon as you can see in airport in Venice italy map, called Venice Marco Polo Airport, and another nearby airport, Treviso, is used by budget airline Ryanair. There is also a small airfield on the Lido, but this is not used by commercial flights, although you can take helicopter tours of the area from here.