Accademia bridge Venice map

Map of accademia bridge Venice. Accademia bridge Venice map (Italy) to print. Accademia bridge Venice map (Italy) to download. The Accademia Bridge (Ponte dell'Accademia) crosses the Grand Canal towards its lower, southern end, linking the San Marco district with the Accademia gallery in Dorsoduro as its shown in accademia bridge Venice map. Accademia bridge of Venice offers two of the best views in Venice, looking along the Grand Canal in each direction. On one side lies the dome of Santa Maria della Salute, and on the other is the quieter bend which eventually takes the canal towards the Rialto Bridge.

Map of accademia bridge Venice

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The Accademia Bridge is at one point of the triangle made by the principal routes through the San Marco district, and is around ten minutes walk from each of the other two 'points'; the Rialto and St. Mark as you can see in accademia bridge Venice map. Around the accademia bridge of Venice there are street signs to the Accademia which will lead you to the bridge. There is a vaporetto stop right next to the bridge, on the Dorsoduro side. The ferry stop, too, is called 'Accademia'. There is a tourist restaurant with tables right alongside the bridge, and plenty of local cafes and restaurants both on the Dorsoduro side and around Campo San Stefano, a minute away in the San Marco district.