Venice churches map

Map of Venice churches. Venice churches map (Italy) to print. Venice churches map (Italy) to download. There are more than 250 churches in Venice as its shown in Venice churches map, which make up a historic and artistic heritage of inestimable value. Scattered along the alleys, the canals and the squares of the historic centre, the Venice churches where designed and decorated by the greatest artists and architects of the time: visiting those places means getting lost amid monumental façades, statues, mosaics, and even elegant tombs and burial monuments.

Map of Venice churches

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The Venice churches are divided up by sestiere as its mentioned in Venice churches map, the six 'boroughs' of Venice established by Doge Vitale Michiel in 1171. There is also Giudecca, which is not a sestiere - it is actually part of Dorsoduro. Each Venice churche has its own history, its architecture, artistic highlights, unique features, the art it has lost and interesting stories.