Mestre Venice map

Venice mestre map. Mestre Venice map (Italy) to print. Mestre Venice map (Italy) to download. Mestre is a town in Veneto, northern Italy, a frazione of the comune of Venice. Located on the mainland as its shown in mestre Venice map, together with the neighbouring Marghera, Chirignago, Favaro Veneto and Zelarino it includes c. 170,000 inhabitants of the comune, the islands of Venice proper accounting for c. 60,000 and 31,000 live on the other islands of the Venetian Lagoon. The city is connected to Venice by a large rail and road bridge, called Ponte della Libertà (Freedom Bridge). Mestre is the largest city in Italy not to have the status of autonomous comune.
Mestre most appealing feature is Piazza Ferretto, the town main square as its mentioned in mestre Venice map. Large, long and attractive, this comes as a suprise if you have only believed the bad reports of Mestre. There are cafes to while away the afternoon and a general friendly bustle. The square is pedestrianised, and surrounded by interesting and historic buildings including the eighteenth century Chiesa di San Lorenzo, mestre Venice most important church. The restored clock tower, the Torre Civica (also known as the Torre dell'Orologio), at the end of the piazza is Mestre principal monument; originally part of the town medieval fortifications. Beyond the tower you will find some stretches of arcaded street which are further reminders of the town history.
Mestre has good travel connections; buses and trains between Venice and the rest of Italy almost all stop here as you can see in mestre Venice map. The ATVO Ryanair bus from Treviso Airport generally stops in Mestre by the station (consult the driver), as does their service for Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Dolomites. Venice Marco Polo Airport is very close to Mestre, and there are cheap ACTV urban buses (number 15 to Mestre railway station and number 5 into Venice via Parco San Giuliano) as well as a direct ATVO 'Fly Bus' connection between the airport and Mestre station. Mestre is sprawling and quite confusing, so get directions from your hotel if you are staying here.