Map of Venice area

Map of Venice italy area. Map of Venice area (Italy) to print. Map of Venice area (Italy) to download. Venice is made up of areas, also called sestieri (singular sestiere), and each area has its advantages and disadvantages for travelers as its shown in the map of Venice area. Some areas contain Venice most popular sites, but with that comes huge numbers of tourists and expensive prices. And in some areas, you will have a quieter experience, but you will also be walking and using public transportation more.

Map of Venice italy area

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The centro storico (historic centre) of Venice is made up of lots of islets and canals, forming what is basically one large island as its mentioned in map of Venice area. Venice is divided into six areas, called sestieri. Around this heart lie other islands which are also part of the city of Venice, as well as the 'other' Venezia, its mainland sibling, Mestre.
Other cities have ‘quarters’, but in Venice, areas of the city are known as “sestieri” as you can see in the map of Venice area. As the name of this area suggests, San Marco is where the heart of Venice is located, along with its most famous landmarks, Cannaregio is Venice largest area, Campo San Polo ( Venice second largest square, after San Marco, Dorsoduro is a great place to go if you are a bookworm, as it has some fantastic bookshops, Santa Croce has plenty going for it, Castello is one of the least visited parts of Venice.