Venice districts map

Map of Venice italy districts. Venice districts map (Italy) to print. Venice districts map (Italy) to download. Every district in Venice is unique as its shown in Venice districts map, possessing its own individual character, and is home to something special. For this reason we have decided to maintain this division. It is interesting to know that the system of Venice house numbering is distinct for each individual district and can reach into the thousands. In addition, because the numbering follows a spiral pattern, it is possible to find two houses lying very close to each other, whose numbers are vastly divergent in Venice districts.

Map of Venice italy districts

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You will have heard all about the hundred islands that Venice is built upon, not to mention its bridges, gondolas and Carnival as its mentioned in Venice districts map. But you might not know quite as much about its different districts. Venice is divided into six districts, or sestieri as they are called in La Serenissima, each with their own personality.
Venice became a thing when Attila the Hun crew scared the living daylights out of mainland Italians with their curly beards and funny pony-tail hats. Venetians were made up of Princes and Paupers, Lecturers and Electricians and so districts were established in time – each having a part to play in Venice’s history. All of the Venice six districts as you can see in Venice districts map have a story to share and are a maze of antiquity.