Venice sestiere map

Map of Venice sestiere . Venice sestiere map (Italy) to print. Venice sestiere map (Italy) to download. From its foundation, Venice has been divided into six neighborhoods, known in Italian as sestieri (singular sestiere) as its shown in Venice sestiere map. Each Venice sestiere has its own number consisting of four digits. This peculiar system makes it sometimes challenging to find your way around Venice. Sometimes you can find two buildings with the same number not far from each other, but each belonging to a different district.

Map of Venice sestiere

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Generally known for the Carnival and for the beautiful masquerade parties, Venice is one of the best cities to visit because whether you have the time or just half day, whether you are young or adult, whether you need some relax or you just want to have some fun, Venice can suits your wishes and needs. Venice is divided into six districts, each of them is called sestiere: Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, San Polo, San Marco, Santa Croce, Castello as its mentioned in Venice sestiere map.