Venice arsenale map

Map of Venice arsenale. Venice arsenale map (Italy) to print. Venice arsenale map (Italy) to download. The Venetian Arsenal or Venice arsenale (Italian: Arsenale di Venezia) was a complex of state-owned shipyards and armories clustered together in Venice in northern Italy as its shown in Venice arsenale map. Venice arsenale was responsible for the bulk of Venice naval power during the middle part of the second millennium AD. It was "one of the earliest large-scale industrial enterprises in history". The Venice arsenale produced the majority of Venice maritime trading vessels, which generated much of the city economic wealth and power, lasting until the fall of the republic to Napoleon conquest of the area in 1797. Venice arsenale is located in the Castello district of Venice, and it is now owned by the state.

Map of Venice arsenale

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Construction of the Arsenal began around 1104, during Venice republican era. Venice arsenale became the largest industrial complex in Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution, spanning an area of about 45 ha (110 acres), or about fifteen percent of Venice. Surrounded by a 2 mi (3.2 km) rampart, laborers and shipbuilders regularly worked within the Venice Arsenal, building ships that sailed from the city port. With high walls shielding the Arsenal from public view and guards protecting its perimeter, different areas of the Arsenal each produced a particular prefabricated ship part or other maritime implement, such as munitions, rope, and rigging. These parts could then be assembled into a ship in as little as one day. An exclusive forest owned by the Arsenal navy, in the Montello hills area of Veneto, provided the Venice Arsenal wood supply.