Train stations in Venice italy map

Venice railway station map. Train stations in Venice italy map (Italy) to print. Train stations in Venice italy map (Italy) to download. The term "Venice Railroad Station" is a misnomer, because the municipality of Venice has two major train stations as its shown in train stations in Venice italy map: Venezia Mestre train station on the Italian mainland, and Venezia Santa Lucia station in the city historic center (which is 6 km or 4 miles offshore in the Venetian Lagoon). Mestre is a through station where trains stop briefly on their way from Austria and Slovenia to Bologna and Florence. Stazione Ferroviaria Santa Lucia, a stark white building from the 20th Century that looks out of place in a city where most buildings are hundreds of years old.

Venice railway station map

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All trains call at Venice Mestre on the mainland before crossing the causeway over the lagoon to Venice Santa Lucia train station, located in central Venice right on the Grand Canal as you can see on the map of train stations in Venice italy. The station is a terminus with 23 platforms, numbered from right to left as you look at them, i.e. with platform 1 on the east side. There is been a train station here since the 1860s, named after the church of Santa Lucia which was demolished to make way for it. The design of the current train station dates from a competition held in 1934, but construction took considerable time and the station was only completed in 1952.
The only train station on Venice main island is Venezia Santa Lucia as you can see in train stations in Venice italy map. To step out of Venice Santa Lucia station and see the Grand Canal makes for one of the most memorable moments of arrival in the world. Trains reach Santa Lucia over a long and rather uninspiring bridge from the mainland. Venice other train station is called Venezia Mestre. It is on the wrong side of the bridge. Trains from major Italian cities all terminate at Venezia Santa Lucia.