Alilaguna map

Alilaguna Venice map. Alilaguna map (Italy) to print. Alilaguna map (Italy) to download. Deep rooted in the long experience of Cooperativa San Marco, working since 1936, Alilaguna was founded in Venice in 1999 thanks to the business venture of a group of tourist operators who started with the first public transportation service connecting Marco Polo airport to the city centre as its shown in alilaguna map. Nowadays alilaguna 4 lines connect Marco Polo airport and the Cruise Terminal to Venice city centre, Lido and Murano.

Alilaguna Venice map

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The company Alilaguna owns ferries that connect Marco Polo Airport with the heart of Venice as its mentioned in alilaguna map. Alilaguna water buses are a unique and particular way of getting to the heart of Venice from the Airport. Alilaguna has six different lines that connect Marco Polo Airport and the port of Venice with the city centre and with the following islands.
Alilaguna water buses run long hours as you can see in alilaguna map: The first morning boat leaves the airport at 6:15 am and the last departs at 12:40 am (midnight). From Piazza San Marco, water buses weigh anchor from 3:50 am until 10:50 pm. The alilaguna route from San Marco to the Airport takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. Since the journey is quite long, we recommend it only for those that leave with plenty of time (if you are heading to the Airport) or those who don’t mind taking their time to get to the city centre.