Venezia unica map

Map of Venezia unica. Venezia unica map (Italy) to print. Venezia unica map (Italy) to download. The Venezia Unica City Pass is a tourist pass that you can design and modify according to your needs (see Venezia unica map). Get the latest information about the card. The Venezia Unica City Pass is a custom-made tourist city pass of Venice. Each person can create his or her card based on the services they wish to purchase depending on their necessities. As well as saving up, you will also be able to have your transport travel card, your tickets to Venice top attractions, cultural events, monuments and museums in one card.

Map of Venezia unica

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The Venezia Unica City Pass that includes the city main attractions costs € 27.90 (US$ 32.70) for adults. If you are between 6 and 29 years old, you have even more discounts. The most complete City Pass, in our opinion, is called Venezia Unica San Marco City Pass. Venezia unica includes access to the Palazzo Ducale, Museo Correr, the National Archaeological Museum of Venice, the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, the Venice Casino, the Fondazione Querini Stampalia and three churches included in the Chorus Pass.