Venice boat map

Boat map Venice. Venice boat map (Italy) to print. Venice boat map (Italy) to download. In Venice there are no cars because of the conformation of the island and its construction based on the marshy islands of the lagoon as its shown in Venice boat map. The Venice boat has always been used by the Venetians to move from one side to the other of the city, it was always the main mode of transport. If you are in Venice, take advantage of its aquatic nature to enjoy a nice boat ride, or maybe try your hand at rowing traditional Venetian boats or let yourself be lulled by the waves while you sail out in a boat to explore the other the islands of the lagoon.
Discover the history of the famous Venice black boat used for centuries in the lagoon which has become the symbol of the city itself (see Venice boat map). It is hard to imagine Venice Italy without its quintessentially venetian boat, the Gondola. Even today, the craft of constructing the venetian gondola or boat is carried out by master carpenters in the squeri, the traditional rowing boat shipyard in Venice.
A Gondola is a traditional Venetian boat as you can see in Venice boat map. In other words, it is just one of several types of traditional rowing boats. However, it is by far the most renown in Venice. The gondola has some qualities that characterize traditional Venetian boats. However, the gondola has also distinctive features that make it unique. For example, it is the only Venetian boat with the “fero da prova”, its typical bow ornament. Also, unlike most Venetian boats, it is asymmetric.