Venice cruise terminal map

Map of Venice cruise terminal. Venice cruise terminal map (Italy) to print. Venice cruise terminal map (Italy) to download. Venice is one of the busiest cruise ports in the Mediterranean, with nearly 500 ship departures and 700,000 cruise passengers per year. Technically, however, Venice is not on the Mediterranean at all, or even on the sea: Venice and its cruise-ship piers are inside the Venetian Lagoon, which is connected to the Adriatic Sea by a narrow entrance called the Porto di Lido. The Terminal Venezia Passeggeri or Venice Cruise Terminal is located near the 4-km causeway that links the historic city with the mainland as its shown in Venice cruise terminal map.

Map of Venice cruise terminal

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Venice cruise terminal consists of two main areas as its mentioned in Venice cruise terminal map: the Marittima basin, which can handle the largest ships that call in Venice, and the San Basilio pier, which is just around the corner in the Giudecca Canal. If you are departing from Venice and have not arranged transfers through the cruise line, you will need to know where your ship is moored. You can obtain this information from the English-language ship and ferry schedules at the Terminal Venezia Passeggeri Web site. (See "Web Links" below.)
Marittima is the largest of the ship basins at the Port of Venice Venezia Terminal Passeggeri or Venice cruise terminal, with two terminal buildings and enough docking space to handle several large ships at once as you can see in Venice cruise terminal map. The San Basilio pier has a terminal building for oceangoing cruise ships and hydrofoil ferries to Croatia. The official VTP site has English-language information about Venice cruise facilities, including maps and ship schedules.