Venice vaporetto map

Vaporetto Venezia map. Venice vaporetto map (Italy) to print. Venice vaporetto map (Italy) to download. Venice Vaporetto is a waterbus operation. Venice vaporetto has a set of scheduled lines that serves locales within Venice, Italy and travel between Venice and nearby islands, e.g., Murano and Lido as its shown in Venice vaporetto map. (The name, vaporetto, also serves as the appellation for a single such craft, vaporetti being the plural version of the name.) The waterbus line is operated by Azienda Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano (ACTV), the Venetian public transportation system. Venice vaporetto has twenty-four-hour scheduled service, with frequency varying by the line.

Vaporetto Venezia map

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For convenience, "Venice vaporetto" is often used as a generic synonym for "water bus," but technically there are three types of boat: the "vaporetto," a flat-decked boat used on routes such as No. 1 (Grand Canal) and No. 2; the "motoscafo" (used for routes that go into the Lagoon; see Venice vaporetto map); and the "motonave" (a larger vessel, sometimes with two decks, that is used for commuter service to locations such as the Lido, Punta Sabioni, and Treporti).
In a city with canals in place of roads, it only makes sense that public transportation consists of watercraft. Known as the vaporetto, Venice water bus system is the city major form of public transportation. These buses (vaporetto is singular, vaporetti is plural) take visitors along the main canals, to the outer islands, and around the lagoon as its mentioned in Venice vaporetto map. Although often crowded, Venice vaporetto is by far the least expensive way to get around (other than walking). If you are visiting Venice, sooner or later you will find yourself on a vaporetto.
The word vaporetto means "little steamer" after the city original system of steam-powered motorboats. Today Venice vaporetto famously punctual vessels run on diesel and are wide and flat to ensure the best views from their bows as you can see in Venice vaporetto map. Smaller, faster versions are called motoscafi, while double-decker boats or motonavi are used to ferry riders to outlying islands and to the Lido.